Puppy Training Tips

The big joy a puppy brings around the house may fade a little if you realize you’ve got to waste a lot of time cleaning after it. Therefore, start training the dog from day one; here are some puppy training tips you may find useful at the beginnings of a relationship with your new friend. Puppy training tips are a book subject and they are thoroughly covered by professional sites where you can find the first steps of teaching new things to your puppy. General puppy training tips apply to all breeds so don’t worry about this aspect, the only problem is that some dogs are more difficult to potty train than others.

The first puppy training tip is not to allow it to eliminate everywhere; you don’t need such kind of accidents when the dog becomes an adult. Yet, mention should be made that no puppy training tips are going to turn the pup into a reliable dog until it is at least six month old. Training only creates a good habit that requires constant reinforcement. There should be permanent access to the potty area. The puppy training tip here is to never allow your dog to eliminate on carpets, tiles or hardwood.

Then the next very important puppy training tip is to teach it how to love and respect you, and this has very much to do with learning self control. Just like with small children, puppy training tips insists that you don’t give in to every whim of your puppy; you are the leader and you set the rules. Up to a certain point, there is dominance, only then, we’re talking about respect and friendship. Beware, by respect we mean love and attention combined with discipline. Puppy training tips are not for bullying and terrorizing your pet.

Probably the top puppy training tip of all is to make your dog as sociable as possible. Dogs that develop fear are likely to show outward signs of aggression too, and this should be avoided at all costs. You can socialize the animal by inviting people to meet the pup. The puppy training tip is that the pet get friendly and accustomed to having strangers around the house. Seeing that guests are no threat to you and the house environment, lies at the basis of this puppy training tip. Keep it in mind and you won’t see your dog attacking anyone!

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