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Donna asks…

What are the chords for the song Mary Jane by Collie Buddz?

I’ve been looking all over the internet for the chords to the song Mary Jane by Collie Buddz.
Could any guitarplayer with a good ear please help me out?
Thank you very much.
PS: I tried requesting this on ultimate guitar but no one responded,you guys really are my last hope.

admin answers:

Am listen to this as I type this. G A C,are the first opening chords.first three. Then Em D G. This is the opening.verse is G A most of the song switchs to the Em D G once more the change up is D an C Most of the song is G A C. Easy tune took me five minutes to figure it out.Sit with the song play along using the chords I wrote down.Shouldn,t take you more than ten minutes to be playing along.Never heard of this guy. Cool song.E mail me at spudmonster58 at yahoo if you have any trouble. Remember to tune your guitar to the song. It is standard 440.

Paul asks…

How can I download a song to my iPod if it isn’t on iTunes?

I want the song Mary Jane by Collie Buddz but they don’t have it on iTunes. Is there somewhere else that I could get it from instead and transfer it to iTunes or something? I don’t want to have to get the whole CD and I don’t want to have to pay a subscription or whatever tho for some other site unless there’s no other way.

admin answers:

Easiest way is to download it from YouTube using the YouTube downloader (free) then get an MP4 to MP3 converter (free also). Rip the music track from the video, import it into iTunes and bingo load it on your iPod.

Sharon asks…

What is your favorite genre of music and why?

What is your gender?

Reggae music is my favorite by far. Especially older reggae music with a really slow tempo and the deep bass line.
Some good artists, for me, are: Collie Buddz, Inner Circle, Rootz Underground, Dub Syndicate, SOJA, and of course, Bob Marley. I also like Slightly Stoopid and The expendables.
I also like blues music. Muddy Waters and Howlin’ Wolf are my favorites. I also agree that today’s music is mostly crap.

admin answers:

Blues, especially Blues guitar. Because I have the blues a lot.

Stevie Ray Vaughn; Muddy Waters; Clarence ‘Gatemouth’ Brown’; Bonnie Raitt, etc.

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