Your Questions About Organic Dog Food

Donald asks…

What is the difference between dry dog food and mixer?

I have been seeing dry dog food and mixer in the super markets and both look exactly the same to me! What is the difference?

admin answers:

Dry dog food is dog food that has been baked or cooked and then ‘dried’ into small cubes or shapes. One of the major benefits of dry food is that it helps keep your dogs teeth in good condition as the chewing action helps remove plaque. Dry dog food is normally ‘complete’ meaning it contains all the recommended daily vitamins and minerals for a dog’s daily diet. There are many kinds of dry dog food that you can buy, including organic dog food, holistic dog food and natural dog food. You even get a variety of dry dog foods specially created for different kinds of dogs. There’s dry puppy dog food, junior dog food, adult dog food, senior dog food, even dog food for lactating bitches or those recovering from surgery.


Dog food Mixer, is ‘dry’ dog food, but generally, it is not a ‘complete’ food and is intended to be ‘mixed’ with tinned dog food or other foods. Its original use was that it added ‘bulk’ to the food at feeding times and was therefore used to help with dogs that ate excessively and needed to cut their calorie intake. However these days dog mixers are not so widely used, as other foods, particularly as ‘complete’ dry dog foods come in various packages aimed at different kinds of dogs (including overweight dogs).

Hope this helps!

Linda asks…

How can I control my dog’s flatulence?

I have a one-year-old Shar-Pei. He has frequent gas that can clear a room. He eats organic, grain-free dog food. Perhaps the high meat content is a cause. Other than switching his food, how can we control his gas problem?
I forgot to mention that I’ve tried Beano, and my vet said there’s nothing I can do…

admin answers:

You need to change the food. I have a 2 yr old Boxer and let me tell you, he’s nasty. My Dane (who I had first) was eating Eukenuba and loved it. When I got my Boxer, he started eating it too, and I swear, it smelled like he took a Sh** in the house. Anyway, someone told me that the expensive/rich foods cause gas. So I switched to Purina One and its soooo much better.

Also, it you want a good laugh, get a kids book called “Walter the farting dog”. Its so true…

Jenny asks…

How bad is it if my 1 year old eats dog food?

It’s an organic, all-natural dog food, if that helps…

admin answers:

They will be fine. There are laws about how pet food is made, it has to be safe for human consumption. Sounds terrible but SOME homeless and/or poor people buy pet food to eat because it is cheap.
Don’t everybody attack me, I said some.

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