Your Questions About Organic Dog Food

Lisa asks…

Why is Timberwolf Organics dog food named that when its not organic??

Its a good dog food, but it is not organic like its name says.

admin answers:

You’re right, it’s not. It’s a marketing tactic. It is good food, but not organic.

Donna asks…

Why is everyone swearing by these organic dog foods?

Family has had dogs since I was a little kid and we never bought expensive dog food and all our dogs lived long happy lives. Was also told by a vet that they are all basically the same some just make the dog expel less waste.

admin answers:

Dogs are basically scavengers and they do well on most sorts of food.
In the old days I used to feed my dogs just plain dog biscuit kibble and breast of lamb or offal from the village butchers shop. There was no fancy complete foods in those days. Allergies in dogs was almost unheard of and my dogs lived long and healthy lives.
The dog food industry is big Business and they are all eager to make us believe that their product is the best and that if we don`t feed our dogs with their wonderful vitamin filled food we are guilty of not providing our dogs with a correct diet.
There are some good basic complete dry foods on the market that just use simple wholesome ingredients whereas others have all sorts of fancy ingredients that are not really needed by dogs and can cause allergies and digestive problems.
I think if a dog is doing well on what it is being fed and enjoys its food then stick with it.

Linda asks…

what is the healthiest dog food?

My bulldog eats natures variety raw organic frozen dog food..its very expensive and we want to swtich to a dry food or dry and add some of the frozen…He gets really bad allergies thats why we stayed with the same brand for so long..any suggestions?

admin answers:

My Dog loves the Science Diet Food. Lamb and Rice.

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