Your Questions About Organic Dog Food Brands

Charles asks…

What dog food should I buy my puppy?

I can’t get out to a pet store now and I’m planning on ordering my dog food from now on so I’m going to go to Walgreens for now to get some. Which dog food in the best out of the ones they have available for now? BTW I know they all suck but I now it will take a few days to get the food if I order it online.

Kibbles ‘n Bits
Pet Shoppe

admin answers:

WHAT IN GODS NAME IS GOING ON HERE? Lol All these people are feeding their dogs this stuff??? Number 1 you should NEVER just go to a store and grab some brand. You should always research this. If you do you will learn how to read a dog food label. You will learn what is good for them and what isnt. Trust me 3 months ago I was asking this question myself (well not with these brands), but what dog food is best? After careful research we chose:


Yes, it cost a COUPLE (seriously a couple) of dollars more than the crap on the grocery store shelf BUT it has no fillers, its organic, so good for them, and a meat product, not to mention my dogs LOVE IT!!!

Betty asks…

What it the best/healthiest brand of dog food for yorkie pups and pug pups?

For Christmas I am getting a Yorkie and my husband is getting a pug. We really want to do whats best for them and keep them healthy. Does any one have any recommendations on the best/heathiest food or food brand we should buy for them?

admin answers:

This talks about dog food. If you don’t want to read it all just scroll down and it gives a list of good foods and a list of bad foods. The lists are in green so they are easy to find.

I recommend raw. Its the best thing you can feed a dog. It can be cheaper than kibble but its more time consuming but there are so many benefits so its worth it. My dog has white teeth, lots of energy (he acts like a puppy even though he is 10 years old) his fur is soft and shiny, he doesn’t have that dog smell and his poops are very small and are not very odorous. Do lots of research if you want to feed raw. That website that I gave a link to has tons of into on raw.

You don’t have to get organic meat. You can just get any meat. Dogs don’t need veggies and herbs. I feed my dog veggies sometimes for treats and when he poops them out they are the same as when they went in. Dogs cannot digest veggies.
Its actually safer to feed raw. There have been a lot of recalls from contaminated kibble and thousands of dogs have died because of contaminated kibble. While nothing you give your dog to eat is 100% safe, raw is the safest. Here are some myths.
People say its dangerous to prevent other people from switching to raw or people say raw is dangerous because they didn’t bother to do research and just listen to what other people tell them.

Daniel asks…

What is the best brands for all natural or organic dog food?

No brands that abuse animals to test their food please! I thought Iams was good food because thats what my vet recommended : (
I was using Iams Naturals, but then i saw that they abuse the animals they test their food on.

admin answers:

Nutro makes excellent food. They have 3 lines: Max, Natural Choice, and Ultra. With all three lines you will get an all natural, human grade food with added vitamins and minerals; no ground yellow corn, which is a filler and a big allergen among pups; no by-products, which can include heads, feet and intestines; and no artificial flavors or colors. Nutro also has the highest levels of essential fatty acids (Omega 6) to help promote healthy skin and coat and also reduce shedding. And all of their foods are 100% guaranteed! Max is your basic premium food, and from what I’ve seen, the lowest priced premium food on the market. Natural Choice has taurine added and is more geared towards dogs with specific needs (i.e. Sensitive skin, sensitive stomach, allergies, etc.). And Ultra is a holistic food with more fruits and vegetables, also known as super foods, which help with your pups immune system, joints, heart, vision, brain, etc.

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