Your Questions About Organic Dog Food Sensitive Stomachs

Ken asks…

Precautions when switching my dog to a raw food diet?

I’m thinking of trying a raw food diet for my dog for the first time. I understand that dogs are much more resistant than humans when it comes to parasites and bacteria which may be in the raw meat. What are some precautions that I can take? I heard soaking the meet in apple cider vinegar for a bit will take care of any parasites, etc. Thanks.

admin answers:

You don’t have to soak it in anything. I just wash the dog and cats meat like I do mine. Run it under cold water for a few seconds. After they are done eating you can wipe up their area with 50%white vinegar and 50% water. My dog with a sensitive stomach has never had a problem with bacteria. We tested apple cider vinegar for riding of ecoli bacteria in my biology lab and it did very poorly and if you were to use apple cider vinegar you want it to be raw and organic.

EDIT: Vets hardly know anything about dogs diets and raw chicken, pork, beef, fish, bison, lamp, goat etc can be fed with no problem. The bones clean the teeth without brushing. Their is no risk with raw unless you don’t feed it correctly.

Betty asks…

Why has my 6 month old boxer puppy stopped eating hard food?

She will still eat moist dog treats, chicken, and cheese, but not her regular food. Also, she has diarrhea, but that might be from not eating the right foods. Any ideas?

admin answers:

Having 2 boxers and raising two litters, I can tell you that an occasional treat is fine but they have very sensitive stomachs and then gas; I would stick to one type of food and leave all treats alone for awhile; I feed mine Newman’s Own Organic dog food; diarrhea is probably from the treats and not regular foods; all dogs will get an upset tummy from time to time but with boxers you have to watch what you give them; food changes need to be done slowly and your dog is the best indicator of something not right; water is up to the dog as to how much and is not detrimental in any way ; water doesn’t cause diarrhea ; diarrhea is a loss of fluids so they need the water to compensate; boxers are a great dog with a fussy tummy and prone to gas and upset so watch what you feed. Good luck and enjoy puppy, socialize and train; they love to learn tricks and learn quickly; they love to run and explore and of course be a part of the family daily.

If you feed table scraps , they are smart to know that dog food isn’t as good and will not eat the dog food to get the good stuff; they are smart smart smart. – can’t blame them for trying

Richard asks…

What do you feed your Jack Russell Terrier?

I have an amazing jack russell, he is almost 10 years old and we rescued him when he was 2. We buy his dry food from whole foods (it has a lot of vegetables and organic grains) which he absolutely loves. Now, wet food is another story. I have tried a few brands but his stomach is very sensitive and the past couple nights he has been throwing it all right back up!

He just had a check up so I know there is nothing wrong with him, I just want to know what other owners feed their Jacks and find out if there is maybe a gentle senior brand of wet food we can give him. thanks!
wow these answers are very helpful, so jacks really don’t need wet food? maybe i will make him chicken and rice (very bland) but he loves chicken, and that would be easy on the stomach. thanks

admin answers:

I feed my Jacks Eagle Pak Holistic dry kibble. They also get a dollop of canned Pumpkin, not the kind used to make pies, and to the on on a diet I use green beans as a filler. I add just enough hot water to stir in the green beans and pumpkin. I feed twice a day. My Jacks also get vegetables such as carrots and broccoli. I play Flyball with my Jacks and they are in excellent physical condition.

My opinion would be feed the dry kibble until they can no longer eat the dry. It is good for their teeth as well as helps them eat slower if they are a dog that devours their food.

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