Your Questions About Organic Dog Food Sensitive Stomachs

Linda asks…

My dogs have horrible breath!!!!!!!!!! how to get rid of it?

i have 2 yorkies and they have horrible breath. we get there teeth cleaned twice a year. we even get special chewies from the vet that helps with bad breath and tar built up. we brush there teeth with organic mint dog tooth paste 3 times a week. we tried dog breath sprays, dog mints, but my dogs have a sensitive stomach so they can’t eat the mints or they will throw up!!!!!! is there anything that can help????

admin answers:

The Only Natural Pet Store online sells probiotics for dogs and cats. You just sprinkle it on their food. Like probiotics in humans, it’s full of the good bacteria necessary for digestion.

Helen asks…

My dog keeps eating grass, why?

I have heard when dogs eat grass it means they have upset stomachs, is that true? What could cause her to be sick and eat grass?

admin answers:

There are a few reasons why your dog could be eating grass.
The most common reason for dogs to eat grass is if they have an upset stomach. It will help your dog vomit if that is the reason. It could be that his dog food may be too rich or he just can’t tolerate it. So you can change his dog food. One of my dogs used to get sick on a regular basis and when I put him on a light version of the dog food he was on, he has done just fine. Or many brands also have a food for sensitive stomachs.
Other reasons are that some dogs eat grass is for the fiber. Their body tells them if they need something in their diet, so your dog may need more fiber in his diet. Once again, you can try changing his food. There are some who are high in fiber. Canidae is a good brand. It is organic and contains chicken and brown rice. Or try adding a spoon full of raw or steamed vegetables to his dog food. They are good for dogs, high in fiber, no fat and dogs love them. Try diced broccoli, carrots, sugar snap peas, cauliflower, etc..
The other reason dogs eat grass is that they like it and it just becomes a habit to eat it. They may have tried it as a puppy and liked it so they keep eating it. You can try to break the habit by getting on to him when you see him eating grass, if you get him to spit it out, praise and reward him. Any time he goes out and does not eat grass, give him a little treat and show him that you are proud of him. Positive reinforcement will show him that if he eating grass is not good for him.
Try changing his food first. Also, ask your vet if he can recommend a different dog food and if he can give you any advice with getting your dog to stop eating grass.
Best of luck with your dog. Hope I helped.

Maria asks…

What is the most Best Dog Food? Please read this! WILL GIVE 10 POINTS!?

Hi Everyone! I have four dogs. 1 Purebred Sheltie. 42 pounds. And he is 8 1/2 years old. 1 Purebred Yorkie 5 pounds And is 1 year old. 1 Purebred Shihtzu 4 years old. 13 pounds. 1 Purebred Poodle 4 years old. 5 1/2 pounds. Every dog is a good weight. They are all healthy. They don’t have allergies or stomach problems or anything like that. They have been fed Hill’s Science Diet for most of their life. We just feed the regular food. Nothing for allergies or sensitive stomachs, or anything like that. We have fed this food for most of their lives. We fed it to them because our Vet’s recomended it. Anyways I now know after doing some research that Science Diet is not a good dog food after all. So I’ve been doing research on other Dog Foods to see which one is the best. Please people READ this! I know that their is a lot of stuff. I’m going to list names of Dog Foods that I think are pretty good. I know this is a lot of Dog Foods. But please Read. I have done research on these Dog Foods to know that they are good. But I wanted other people’s descions also. Ok here are the dog foods. All of the Dog Foods.

1. Natue’s Recipe
2. Wellness
3. Pet Promise
4. Natural Choice
5. Natural Ultramix
6. Pinnacle
7. Avoderm
8. Nature’s Balance
9. Organix
10. Innovana
11. Nutro Natural Choice
12. Nutro Max
13. Nutro Ultra
14. Solid Gold
15. Blue Buffalo
16. Eagle Pack Holistic
17. Canidae All Life Stages
18. Fromm Four Star
19. Merrick
20. GO Natural
21. Nature’s Variety Prairie
22. Nature’s Logic
23. Artemis Fresh Mix
24. Timberwolf Organics
25. Honest Kitchen
26. Ziwi Peak

– Ok that’s all of them! I know their is a ton of them! I have done some research on them, enough to know that they are good. But I need to do furthur researchand narrow it down to 1 dog food. These were NOT in any specific order. I listed them in. I just wrote them down. I am willing to pay any price. I want people to pick out the Dog Food(s) that they think is best. And give a few reasons why they think that it is good. And pick out a few Dog Foods that you don’t think is good and a few reasons why. And if you don’t think any of the Dog Foods that I’ve listed our good. Then say a few reasons why. And give the name of Dog Food that you think is good and why you think that. Well that’s everything! Please anwser this question! I will give you 10 points!
Also here is a website. If you have your own Dog Food how does it rate on this website? Also the ones that I’ve listed how do they rate and what does it say about them? (The ones you picked of courese) 6 stars is the best Dog Food. 5 Stars is good Dog Food. 4 stars is Ok dog food. And it just goes down from their. Their is a search box where you just type the name of your Dog Food in. Here is the site.
That’s the site. And please answer all of my many questions! Sorry about all of them. Will give 10 points!

admin answers:

Iams has researched documented dog food that can be changed with age. Many breaders swear by it.

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